A Violin Playlist on YouTube

Recently, I created a playlist on YouTube called “Wedding”, and uploaded a variety of recordings from the following genres: classical, celtic, klezmer, country. These tunes were specifically selected for Wedding Ceremonies and Cocktail Hours. Enjoy!

Bach Partitas for Solo (Violin) Mandolin

Work with me on these glorious pieces! Each Partita includes massively complicated movements that are a singular challenge. Let me teach you phrasing, coloring, fingering, phrasing and more. This is epic mandolin music! I am the only mandolin teacher in western Massachusetts that will work with adults in learning the Bach Partitas for solo mandolin.Continue reading “Bach Partitas for Solo (Violin) Mandolin”

Welcome Back

Private Lessons are available in person and online from 3-7pm M-F The Celtic Group Class is open to anyone and will be from 7-9pm Tuesdays The Granby Mandolin Quartet is open to people who can read music, 7-9pm Wednesdays Mandolin New England rehearsals in RI are Saturdays 9a.m. to 12p.m.

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