Bach Partitas for Solo (Violin) Mandolin

Work with me on these glorious pieces! Each Partita includes massively complicated movements that are a singular challenge. Let me teach you phrasing, coloring, fingering, phrasing and more. This is epic mandolin music! I am the only mandolin teacher in western Massachusetts that will work with adults in learning the Bach Partitas for solo mandolin.

We will start with the sheet music. I recommend getting a paid account so that you can support this wonderful project! Here’s a link to the 6 Partitas. We will start with Partita No. II. The first movement is the Allemande. There are two parts with repeats. First we’ll learn the notes, with proper fingering. Then we’ll focus on phrasing. Finally, you will memorize it in its entirety. If you like, you can perform it for others in the studio when we agree that you’re ready.

Published by Adam Sweet


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